Is your life a constant hustle? Are you having trouble making time outside your work and your commute for proper grocery shopping and nourishing yourself with all the nutrients you need? We know, when trying to lead a balanced life it seems almost impossible to #haveitall, but now we’re letting you in on a little Garage secret. If you relate to the above, think Taimba! They’ve just recently launched, with the Westlands Nairobi Garage as their office.

Taimba is Kenya's only online grovery shop. They're located at the Nairobi Garage office space in Westlands

Taimba is an online supermarket that customers can use to shop online for kitchen and household goods and have these delivered straight to their doors. Taimba focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle by creating the ability for farmers and vendors to sell their fresh produce online and enable shoppers to affordably and conveniently buy produce and goods within their busy schedule without having to worry about where to get time.

In a fast-paced city like Nairobi where time is made scarce by the long commutes, there is a need for easy access to organic produce in the market as well as a reliable service for the purchase and delivery of fresh vegetables and groceries.

This service of a client selecting vegetables and groceries online then having someone deliver to their doorstep offers them a unique opportunity to ma more time to do more important things and spend time with their loved ones. No need to visit your local supermarket, mama mboga, or duka to buy items you need. It’s worth mentioning also that Taimba’s organic farmers are certified each year meaning you are guaranteed quality food. Very soon they’ll be partnering with supermarkets to further increase their reach, watch their social media to be in the loop on this!

Some things to note about shopping with Taimba? It’s made to be easy;

  • You can shop from your history (no need to keep building your shopping cart).
  • You earn points when you shop on Taimba which you can redeem any time you want and on anything you fancy.

They’re here for you, give them a shot!