Imagine yourself with a cup of coffee in your office in your monotonous work routine. Now re-imagine yourself in a virtual cafe with no wait lines to get to your morning Joe. Imagine a coffee deliverable on a drone with the added advantage of pre-order status availability from your personalized coffee app. In this dawn of technological revolutions, Silicon Valley does its magic again and brings to us an innovative celebration of robotics customized to our daily lives. Known as Café X, this startup on the list of the Bay Area’s innovative companies relaunches the consumption of coffee.  Based on increasing service productivity, Café X and its robotic coffee takes your average coffee shop ethics to a sophisticated paradigm shift with its industry automation system.

Say hello to Founder Henry Hu’s coffee robotics, with a mission to serve elites coffee to tech savvy clienteles in San Francisco. The simple idea drew up from a Garage in San Mateo California, where the team cultivated their rustic ideas and complemented their ambitious engineering efforts with a spruced up fashion for coffee. Mechanizing a spirit of startup mentality, they worked from ground zero to catalyze this Mitsubishi 6-axis industrial robot that runs the entire show single handed. They weren’t afraid of dirtying their hands in the roots of device technicalities like physically assembly sheet metal imported from China. Emblemed by their random scars they celebrated their wounds from initial work processes with the tool as collectibles memory of America’s first robotic cafe. A successful cosmopolitan product for coffee making, all their hands-on efforts have led to the development of Café X a completely self-sufficient mechanic coffee shop that delivers your morning Joe in a few seconds. Read more about Café X Here.