Are you a dominant player in the digital marketing world? Well look out for  Eskimi’s programmatic event happening this week where there will be a conference exploring the future of digital advertising in Kenya. Eskimi is hosting Programmatic Marketing: The Future of Digital Media in Kenya, an event to introduce the definition of programmatic in the African context.

Programmatic marketing has spread in the US and Europe during the last 5 years and continues to find new innovative channels and shapes. Programmatic marketing technologies offers better targeting, audience planning, better reach, lower cost, automated brand safety and other benefits. 30%+ of the worldwide digital media is bought programmatically today and is set to double in the next couple of years.

Where are we in Africa and Kenya? Devices are different, data is scarce and the definition is yet unknown. However where we have challenges there lies opportunities. Programmatic in Africa helps to solve audience targeting issues, reach the right and much higher audience than mainstream platforms, allow retargeting, rich media and all this can be achieved with lower cost on media and ad operations.

The event will educate attendees about the basics of programmatic buying, audience planning, performance optimisation, rich media, data and conversion management and share case studies from Kenya and other African markets. The event will be held at The Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi. For more information and how to reserve a ticket , click here!