Our enclosed offices are designed for larger teams or companies looking to benefit from being part of a wider community but having the luxury of an enclosed, private space. The offices come fully furnished with desks, chairs, and can be customized to fit your unique needs and company culture.

All of this, to provide you with every opportunity to produce your finest work in a productive and comfortable environment. We’ve even included high-speed internet, video conferencing facilities, presentation equipment, secure storage, branding rights over your area and more!

Whether you’re looking for a one-person office or you need a corporate space for your team of 100 people, our flexible offices will meet your requirements . You’ll get all the benefits of community, plus an added sense of privacy with everything you need to truly make your space your own.


You get to focus on your business, we take care of everything else

Fully Furnished

Super-fast WIFI

Spacious, unique office space

Support Team

Free Refreshments

Daily Cleaning

24/7 Building Access


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  • When it comes to co-work spaces there are a few in Nairobi now but nothing beats Nairobi Garage. I could refer this as the “It place”- where everything happening is interesting. The hospitality, environment and interior décor makes it conducive place to work. Great for both start-ups and mature businesses that can work casually yet professionally all under one roof.

    Laila Kassam
    Grassroots Business Fund
  • Nairobi Garage is a fantastic co-working space with a great entrepreneurial vibe, good networking and super friendly hosts!
    Michael Wiatr
  • Nairobi Garage really helped us fast-track our foray into Africa by sharing industry knowledge and connecting us to investors and entrepreneurs from the wider, entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    Ida Jeng
  • Nairobi Garage affords us the space and freedom to focus on what we are good at. It’s pretty much outsourcing all the gripes of setting up and managing an office with a very capable and responsive team.

    David Lemayian
    Code for Africa
  • Nairobi Garage is the best work space in Nairobi, by far. It’s an awesome place to work, and the community is great. I’ve made personal and professional connections here that I wouldn’t find anywhere else in the city. I love how they support startups of all shapes and sizes and have helped us grow.

    Peter Park
    Connect Health
  • The Garage epitomizes all that is buzzing with the Nairobi start-up scene! This place couldnt get any cooler!

    Linda Davis
    wPower Hub
  • Having an enclosed space has been great for building team spirit and allowing us to shape our own office culture. Key benefits of this arrangement have been increased privacy without the headache of managing your own office space

    Ivan Mbowa
    Umati Capital
  • The enclosed offices at the Nairobi Garage allow growing start-ups to build a sense of place and team, with all of the intra-team interactions and personalisation of space that this entails, but with the benefits of the support facilities that the Garage offers. Africa’s Voices started with a couple of common desks in the general space two years ago. After growing rapidly the first year, we moved to an enclosed office less than a year ago. We still use the meeting rooms and shared spaces of the Garage, and benefit from the atmosphere and networks of the wider community, but we are able to forge our own sense of self in important new ways. All growing organisations outgrow optimal spaces after some time, and for us we know that we might soon be of a size that it is more cost effective and convenient to chart our own destiny in an independent office. Until then, we’re very glad we came this far in the Garage.

    Sharath Srinivasan
    Africa's Voices Foundation