This month’s theme revolves around the ideals of loving partnerships in business. Nairobi Garage brings to you a fun, friendly and hip co-work space from New York City that reinforces our ethics to celebrate community and bring humane value.WeWork-936x360

Wework an American co-work office space and community, caters services to a global band of entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses from the Big Apple with a mission to Do What You Love. Developed in early 2008 during the U.S. real-estate bubble burst the founders Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey grasped a lucrative opportunity to repurpose empty spaces and reorient the wasted space enthusiastically. Earlier as co-workers in a shared office space in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Adam and Miguel were independently working on different projects. Until they dumped into the idea to merge their spirits and energy together by renting out the extra space in the building they co-worked in. There similar intentions led to the development of Green Desk, the mother concept from which Wework was born. Green Desk came on the board as a project to support organic and sustainable green spaces through a paradigm utilization of recycled furnishing and wind power technology. The idea was successfully executed and both founders cashed in a few millions after selling off the company to their landlord.wework Founders

Motivated by their initial success and with the ambition to bolster their mutual partnerships, Adam and Miguel launched Wework, a space where their green ideas could be appreciated in a greater communal lingo, transforming co-work to a broader community of ‘we’ works. Now valuing up to $16 Billion the company is on the list of pioneer private venture companies sharing spotlight with IPO level Snapchat and rising up to the world’s 11th most respected start-ups in the Wall Street Journal’s  Billion Dollar Club.

This reinvented shared office space sets a global standard for innovative infrastructure and architecture. Most of the office spaces centralize on glass interiors that make the space open and eclectic. Each campus floor is fueled with loads of beer and coffee with a purposeful intent to encourage socialization. “We really think of what happens when two people go get coffee, or even go to the bathroom. Everything happening should create inter­actions and connections.” adds Adam Neumann. The loving and sharing atmosphere of we works has accelerated into a tech hub which now showcases a virtual network Wework Commons  to host a social online platform for their 16000 members across the globe to collaborate the work environment.wework-lab

With a passion to serve community and a diligent commitment to engage people beyond just the concreteness of work, Wework religiously organizes events for members. The essentials of the Wework experience is to connect, learn and grow. Members can easily access professional and social events on their Wework app and register for participation in a range of activities and daily events including endless happy hours, networking socials, catered lunches and office hours with experts in the field. Wework has created for themselves a new group of Wework species that prioritizes the societal value for co-working spaces and develops a niche with international responsibility to circle professional influence in a communal eco-system. There rising standards are evidence of success in building relationships with individuals is co-working spaces that help all its members communicate across borders within a more humanely and sustainable approach, far outreaching traditional office spaces that lack these hubs for communal engagement and diversity.wework_office

Wework’s paradigm of collaboration is a fundamental reason to why we here at Nairobi Garage prioritize the success of our members through our active promotion of community events and shared engagement of several online platforms. Our team here at the Garage wants to make working here empowering as well as rewarding for you at the core of your heart and soul.

So, go ahead grab a cup of coffee and share a word on this awesome article on our Garage floor, by fate of luck you never know when sharing this link on our conscious company might become your next IPO discovery.