Morning, all! I’ve got some interesting news for you from our floor this week. March, being the month for women empowerment and leadership here’s a cool story from our office space to boost your feminine power! Among-st the many names to celebrate at our campuses, today it is our honor and privilege to shine some light on our member wPOWER. Through their initiatives in Nairobi, wPOWER has been mechanizing cooler solutions to reduce global warming! As you may have noticed, the climate is getting hotter and the polar ices are melting. In this age of global warming and overheating, wPOWER comes with its brilliant entourage of research to help reduce our carbon footprints.

wPOWER a foundation with the mission to catalyze change for female entrepreneurship through renewable energy, was recently featured in mainstream media on their amazing efforts to combat utilization of wood-fuels with more efficient methods to reduce deforestation. Mwololo from the Daily Nation states, “Despite the availability of more modern  energy sources, woodfuel is still used even by those who can afford other types of fuel. That is why the Partnerships on Women’s Entrepreneurship in Renewables (wPOWER) recently brought together a panel of energy experts drawn from the government, the private sector and non-governmental organisations to discuss the future of woodfuel, not just in Kenya, but in developing countries around the world. While some people can afford an energy mix and boast electric kettles, gas cookers, toasters, and other electric appliances, 90 per cent of the population, especially rural households, lack alternative energy sources and rely heavily on woodfuel. The disadvantage of using woodfuel is that it leads to deforestation and land degradation, noted Mr Edward Hewitt, the director and global lands strategist at The Nature Conservancy (TNC).” Read more here.

Charcoal and wood-fuels being contributors to global warming are creating a challenge not only for women on the ground but for society at large. Women in rural areas are challenged with the daily adversities as result they cannot afford alternative energy, secondly they work tiresome hours to collect the wood  as well, conclusively also contributing to the issue of air pollution.  Women are masters of the home, they prepare the meals and control the labor in their households, as a result they breathe in the fumes from the utilization of wood-fuels, the process itself is a health hazard to women in our community. Wanjira MathaiDirector at wPOWER has taken initiative to consider providing better and energy efficient resources to women in Kenya who cannot afford other sources of energy. Their mission empowers women at local mirco-systems, making them find solutions as community entrepreneurs for greater macro-level problems.


Well Done wPOWER! We are proud to have you on our campus and wish your organization great success in  your mission to empower and support women in our community as well as lead the way in reducing deforestation! Goodjob!

Learn more here on startup stories at the Garage! Have a lovely week and remember to smile Garager’s :) Its an awesome time to startup on it now, “Be the change, you wish to see in the world.”