February 6, 2018

Disruption: How Blockchain will change entrepreneurship

At some point, you would have come across the word “Blockchain” on the internet, and we wouldn’t be surprised.  With the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that rely on technology, there must be some way to control the transactions.   What does this mean for entrepreneurs though?  How can startups across the world benefit from this new technology?  
February 2, 2018

Bitcoin and Blockchain 101

This month we’re focussing on ‘Bitcoin and Blockchain’ and how it’s changing the future of entrepreneurship. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum — you must have heard about these buzzwords and the stories of people making a quick fortune out of it. Are you confused by what it all means and how it works? It’s never too late to learn! In this article we dig into the basics of these innovations, how they work and why they matter.
January 31, 2018
new members

Meet the new members of the Nairobi Garage Family (Janaury 2018)

Starting your own business can be a daunting task – starting by yourself can make it even harder.  That’s why coworking works so well in the entrepreneurial world.  By networking and learning from others with similar interests, you will be able to learn and grow to make your dreams a reality. Here’s just some of the new members we are welcoming to the Nairobi Garage family this month.
January 31, 2018
Startups for News

Startups that are innovating the newsroom – Startups for News Report

To this day, many newsrooms are unable to step into the future as they are stuck in the news cycle and struggling with shrinking resources. This is where Startups for News steps in. Their competition helps to identify the young startups that will help news organisations step into the future. We dig into their latest report to review the current state of journalism and which up-and-coming startups will pave the way for newsrooms in 2018.
January 30, 2018

We’ve been chosen as the official Kenyan host of DataHack4FI

Africa’s premier tech hub Nairobi Garage has been appointed the official host for the Kenyan leg of multi-country financial inclusion innovation competition, DataHack4FI, and is inviting applications from finance, data and technology enthusiasts to join the hackathon and event series. Now in its second year, DataHack4FI is an innovation competition that brings together data enthusiasts, technologists, and financial service providers (FSPs) to develop data-driven solutions for delivering financial services to underserved communities in Africa.
January 30, 2018

Want to be successful? Unleash your creativity

Being an entrepreneur means being creative, but how do you do this if you’re not confident? Creativity is linked to the mind, body and soul. These three need to function as one for you to be able to bring out your creative genius! The Nairobi Garage hosted two thought leaders, Sapna Chandaria and her husband, Rand Pearson, who gave a talk on creativity and entrepreneurship during our After Office Hours (AOH) session. They showed us how using your creativity can lead to success not just for you, but for the people around you as well.
January 29, 2018
International Development Design Summits

International Development Design Summits – Participants applications now open!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) D-Lab will be supporting three summits this year and applications are now open! International Development Design Summits Kenya is July 8 - 22nd and will bring together 36 participants from all over the world to co-create innovative, viable financial products and services that expand access in the low-income space. Find out how to apply.
January 26, 2018

Why Coworking will help your body and business thrive

We all want to be successful but to do so you need to be alive and healthy…right? It’s hard to bring your A-game when your body, mind or soul simply can’t go any further. Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us - you are not alone. This is where coworking comes in to save the day. Coworking isn’t just good for your business. It will help your body, mind and soul get back on track as well. How do those super-successful entrepreneurs always seem so motivated and just plain invincible? It’s simple, they invest in their well-being. Here’s how coworking will help you both your body and your business thrive.
January 23, 2018

Connect your Mind, Body and Soul with Yoga at the Nairobi Garage

Yoga is an exercise that creates a balance between the body, mind and soul. As a result of this practice our mental, physical and spiritual imbalances become balanced. As an entrepreneur all these three aspects in you need to be insync for you to be productive. Anamaria Guerra Forero, a yoga instructor who offers yoga classes to our members in our Westlands and Ngong Road branches speaks to us about why Yoga should be your exercise of choice and the benefits it can bring you in relation to your productivity and creativity.
January 19, 2018

Member Focus: Xelpha Health

January 19, 2018

Want to be successful in business? It’s all about your mindset

January 18, 2018
Healthcare Start-ups

Zoom In On Peter Park (ConnectHealth)

Happy New Year, Nairobi Garage! We’re kicking off this year’s Zoom In feature with our January theme at Nairobi Garage, “Body, Mind, and Soul.” So what better way to get started on this theme than by spending some time with one of our resident healthcare entrepreneurs, Peter Park? Starting off a company from the ground up is indeed a taxing task, and is a marathon, not a sprint. In this feature, we talk about the process of aligning body, mind, and soul in the entrepreneurial journey, and some tips for following through on those New Year’s Resolutions for 2018!
COVID-19 Response - We care about your safety
All our spaces are implementing Ministry of Health guidelines and we are encouraging our staff and members to continue practicing safety precautions when away from the office. As the COVID-19 crisis is developing, we at Nairobi Garage are actively thinking about how we can assist you and the business ecosystem in Kenya.