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It’s AOH time again, and we’re having a very impressive woman as our speaker, Dolly Sagwe! With over 17 years experience in operations and management, she’s currently the Director of Business Finance in East Africa for an enormous multinational, Oracle. That’s not all she does however, she is also the founder of a great program called “Let’s Talk Money” meant to teach people (youth, couples, and young adults especially) a very crucial 21st century life skill; financial literacy.

Though we may all be “adults” in the world’s eyes, we don’t always see ourselves as such, so it’s always good to take pointers from the experts on how we can become more responsible! If you think the way you manage your finances could use some improvement, come and be equipped with knowledge on how to develop and deliver responsible value-based personal financial goals.

After Office Hours is a bi-monthly session where we host someone awesome to share their skills and knowledge with our members, and friends of the space. This one will take place on Thursday the 15th of September (6PM) at the Mirage. Snacks will be provided. Get your tickets here.

Hope to see you there!