Africa’s Voices is a non-profit research organisation spun out of the University of Cambridge. They leverage new opportunities of the digital revolution to converse with and listen to African citizens. In interactive, local language media forums we spark inclusive discussions and invite audience opinions via new technologies, including SMS and social media. They analyse this digital, citizen-generated data using multi-disciplinary techniques. Their rich insights into the shifting attitudes and beliefs in society support organisations to understand, better engage with and appropriately serve target populations. Africa’s Voices is a growing organisation seeking for social scientists with excellent data science skills. They are based at our Westlands campus and are looking for an interesting addition to their team.

ResearchThe Senior Researcher is expected to join our rapidly growing team to undertake, design, and manage applied research projects collaboratively with client organisations, with ultimate impact always in mind. The role will include managing relationships with clients; managing a team of junior researchers in African countries and the UK; contributing to developing innovative methodologies and research approaches; communicating research insights to stakeholders; and producing research reports and academic publications.

Upload your CV here. Application deadline is midnight (GMT) on Tuesday, 20th March 2017. Applications may be considered after this date only if a suitable candidate has not been found.  Recruitment questions can be directed to Head of Performance, George Kaburu: [email protected] Questions about research can be sent to Africa’s Voices acting Head of Research, Dr. Matti Pohjonen: [email protected] 

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