wendy luhabeKenyan women are not only proud mothers catering for their children and families, but along with those diaper bags they know how to hold tight to their brief cases and rock our world with their resilient leadership and talents. Business and technology today requires access to this productive and dominant female workforce to set stage for diversity and innovation. China isn’t the world’s emerging market it is women and they aren’t paid the respect they deserve. At the Garage we support and engage the proactive participation of women in the office space and to spread some feminine love here’s a list of the world’s most powerful African women in the working force.

Powerful African Women in the World:

1. Michelle Obama “Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own!” 

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The former first lady of the United States of America, a lawyer from Harvard and a writer is at the top of our list of inspirational women this year. Out of consciousness to care for her family’s health and diet, Michelle created a organic food movement at the White House to help prepare healthy meals for family and guests. She has dedicated her support to end childhood obesity and promote healthy behaviors in schools. In March 2009, Michelle worked with 23 fifth graders from a local school in Washington D.C. to plant an 1,100-square-foot garden of fresh vegetables and install beehives on the South Lawn of the White House. Time and again Michelle has empowered the work force through her dedication and commitment to serve both her family as a proud mother of two daughters and as the mother of a nation.

2. Oprah Winfrey The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Untitled designThis media mogul has made billions with her talk shows over the past decades, that have taught us a lot by just watching and tuning in. Oprah Winfrey is a well known home name, not only among-st Americans but world over she is the most powerful women with a brand of her own. Her success is a paradigm of shifting trends in female empowerment and economic achievements. She is a role model for women across the globe, shifting gears from tragedy to triumph!

3. Beyonce Knowles “Power means happiness, power means hard work and sacrifice”

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Beyonce, the music diva with a talent to be a proud mother as well, she rocks our world not only with her music but with her brilliant motherhood examples. She has shifted the music industry with her talents, good looks and voluptuous body that celebrates women of color. Beyonce is a role model to many young girls and women across the globe, she has sang for President Obama and many have celebrated her as a great African American Beauty.

4. Joyce Banda “My father made sure I was treated equally with my brothers”


Setting an example of equal opportunity in the African continent is Joyce Banda the first female president of Malawi and second in the continent. She is is not only a symbol of power to women in the work force across Africa but globe. She has been a prime example of the political candidness and diligence, cutting her own privileges for the sake of the nation. Banda cut her salary ,sold off her $15 million presidential jet, took strong action in dismissing her own cabinet on corruption allegations. She stood as a paradigm shift for politics in Africa and her stringent regulative measures have restored funding from the IMF towards Malawi.

5. Wendy Lugabe


People who are good at what they do normally do not go an extra mile, they do not bring a new perspective nor are they aligned to their life purpose, they simply do what is expected not more. People who are great on the other hand are normally passionate, inspired and they come alive as they do their work. The world has always been changed by committed and passionate people.”

The first thing you notice about Wendy is that gorgeous smile on a pretty face, however she is more than just a charming beauty. This South African social entrepreneur is a pioneer in economic empowerment of women with her revolutionary ideas during the rise of the South African democracy. She is a recipient of three Honorary Doctorates for her work with Women, is a former Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg and was awarded the Lieutenant of the Victorian Order (LVO) by the British Royal Family in 2014. She has centered her life on leadership development in African and is not only a successful career woman but a happy mother and grandmother.

Here you have it, a list of inspirational role models you can study to remind you how to love and celebrate some of the successes of your womanhood across the globe with much passion and enthusiasm!

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