What is ShowMax?

ShowMax is a great way to download & stream the best movies, series, kids shows and documentaries on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV. ShowMax launched in Kenya at the end of last year and has since become a dominant video -on-demand & streaming platform. From just Ksh 330 per month, watching the hottest local and international shows just got easier! So what are you waiting for – Get ready to binge on the best entertainment – Anytime, Anywhere!

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6 reasons to get ShowMax:

There’s something for everyone – here’s why you should give it a try.

1.There’s so much to watch – from Kenya to Hollywood

ShowMax has top shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Big Bang Theory, Ballers and Roots as well as loads of Kenyan favourites like The Churchill Show and Hapa Kule, not to mentions hundreds of movies and family-friendly cartoons for the kids.

2. Watch offline on your mobile device

Get ShowMax and download up to 25 shows using the Android or Apple app and then watch them offline wherever you are – whether you’re stuck in traffic or the kids need something to keep them busy on holiday. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi at the office and don’t worry about data while you’re out and about.

3.Control how much data you use

If you want to use your data to download a show, the ShowMax app tells you exactly how much data you’ll need. The app has four quality settings – choose a lower setting to maximise your data, especially if you’re watching on a smaller screen. At the lowest setting a 20-minute episode of Big Bang Theory needs about 80MB of data, perfect for watching on your phone.

4.Signing up is easy

Signing up for ShowMax is easy – use your email address or sign up with Facebook.

5.ShowMax Select (ksh 330) vs ShowMax Premium (ksh 880)

ShowMax Premium, priced at KSh 880 per month, has a full range of international and local content – plus you get 14 days free. ShowMax Select, priced at KSh 330 per month, is a mobile-first, data optimised product that offers reduced data consumption with savings of up to 75%, has a specific focus on local content, and is paid for using M-Pesa.

6.Pay with M-Pesa, credit card or PayPal

ShowMax is the only internet TV service that accepts M-Pesa payments. You also have the option to pay with credit card or PayPal. There are no year-long contracts with ShowMax – you’re billed per month, so it’s easy to sign up or cancel at any time. There’s a 14-day free trial when you choose PayPal or credit card as your payment option.

Go to ShowMax to test it out for yourself. Here’s more on cool startup stories at the Nairobi Garage.

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